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A Mission of Millions: May is Play Tennis Month

WATCH: TennisExtra on Play Tennis Month

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Jackie Guyton was feeling adrift. The Nebraska native had recently moved from Hendersonville, NC, to Shawnee, KS, due to her husband’s job change. A former hair stylist, Guyton was now a stay-at-home mom with two young daughters in school all day.

The girls, Morgan and Allison, had taken inexpensive tennis lessons in North Carolina, and Jackie was anxious for them to continue the routine in their new hometown.

Jackie had never touched a racquet, though she did play volleyball in college. She signed her daughters up for lessons at the Genesis Health Clubs in Overland Park, KS, watching from courtside but never considering joining in.

“I just assumed that you had to have played for a long time to play as ...

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