Four More Top Restaurants In The City Of Shawnee, Kansas

Shawnee, Kansas welcomes you with wide open arms, and one way the city shows that is by having some delicious food waiting for you. If you have been following these short articles on the city of Shawnee, then you have seen all kinds of great restaurants already, but I have four more for you right quick. You might even think these top restaurants in Shawnee are the best, who knows.

Let’s start this list of Shawnee restaurants with a steakhouse. The name of the establishment is the Hereford House, and it is on Midland Drive. You are talking prime rib, steak, calamari and more if you know what I mean. I’m not all about some calamari, but I do like prime rib and all the other great food you can get at a steakhouse. This is a good one for sure, the #6 ranked restaurant in the entire city.

Dos Reales Authentic Mexican is a nice place to eat some great food. It is located on Quivira Road, and they have your queso dip, chips and salsa, tacos and don’t forget the margaritas. The Burrito Bravo is said to be one of the top menu items according to the reviews. Now, out of all the restaurants I have covered in Shawnee, Kansas so far in past articles, I haven’t featured many breakfast places. So this next restaurant is going to be a breakfast spot.

It is called The Big Biscuit, and it is located on Shawnee Mission Parkway. Don’t sticky buns sound delicious right about now? I would say they do for sure, and this place has them. They also have delicious biscuits of course, as well as French toast, omelets and more. Would you like one or more of all of the above? Now that sounds like the way to enjoy breakfast.

If you want a big breakfast while you are in Shawnee, that looks like the place to go for sure. Are you ready for one more restaurant? Four Seasons Pizza and Pasta also looks like a cool place to get some food, Italian food for sure. Now you are ready with breakfast, Italian food, steak and Mexican cuisine. That is a diversified list of four restaurants that you can visit while you enjoy what you are doing in Shawnee, Kansas. That should do it for real this time when it comes to the list of top restaurants in this city.