What You Need To Know About Shawnee Kansas

Classified as part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, the city of Shawnee is located in Johnson County. The city is listed among the best places to live in, anywhere in the US. Shawnee is known for its well developed infrastructure, affordable cost of living and some of the best performing school districts.

Read on below to find out more about Shawnee Kansas before making the move to this great city.

Cost Of Living

As previously stated, Shawnee has a number of things going for it as far as being an attractive city for people looking for a place to settle down is concerned; chief among them being the favorable cost of living. First and foremost, the average price of homes in the area is comparatively lower than surrounding areas of Overland Park and Leawood. Property taxes are also substantially lower as compared to other parts of the country as well.


School going kids in the Shawnee area are served by two public school districts, and a number of private schools. The Desoto school district serves the western half of the city, while the Shawnee Mission School District serves the eastern half. The latter is nationally recognized for being one of the best school districts.

The surrounding community is dedicated to ensuring that the school districts in Shawnee are well maintained for the best performance.


Shawnee experiences hot summers, with temperatures going up to the high eighties and nineties in degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy the hot summers outdoors exploring the exciting Shawnee entertainment scene.

The winters on the other hand tend to be quite cold, with average temperatures dipping below thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year.

Relaxation And Entertainment

Shawnee is known for its vibrant entertainment scene. Outdoor lovers can spend time exploring the many trails along the parks in the area, or engage in one of the many exciting activities and events held there. Alternatively you can head out to the different entertainment venues across the city for a great time out.

Over the years, Shawnee has become an attractive option for people looking to settle down get their career started and even raise a family. Its quiet neighborhoods and bustling business district are testament to this.

From the above information, you can get a clear idea of what to expect before you make the move to Shawnee, Kansas.